What spanish fly is really About

Spanish Fly

Spanish fly contain many love portion and aphrodisiac using this name have been available on the market for decades.few drops of it is to get women in the mood for lovin’ and gives most men the kind of desire for erection that would make some sex addict to be excited.

In The real sense most of the product sold as spanish fly contain litle more than what is promised.

 Where To Get Spanish Fly From

Truely spanish fly is gotten from blister beetles, inside the substance from beetle called Catharidin in contact with catharidin blister skin.

It  uses dates way back , and some of its may include:

  • A Roman empress who used catharidin to encourage sexual behavior worthy or blackmailing has family with.
  • Roman gladiator  who used it for orgies
  • Queens who used it on their kings and those king on their mistresses

Along with long last in erection Spanish fly was found and its causes a various of serious side effect, which even include death, it was given to a prostitute who ended up dying horrible death after taken it .Trusted source .

A dried beetle would be crushed and  mixed with drinks or sweets but the warm fuzzies are due to inflammation,  not attraction

The danger attached to it have been identified to include:

  • Painful urination
  • Urination  of blood
  • Vomitting of blood
  • Difficuilty swallowing
  • Painful erection (priapism)
  • Abdominal pain
  • Convulsion
  • Kidney failure
  • Coma

Can You Still Find It?

You will see a product bearing spanish fly online and sexual shops today, but they don’t contain the cantharidin or  insect .even some of them is said to be “original” spanish fly are made of ingredients found in most other products marketed as natural or herbal aphrodisacs,  such as mala,  ginseng.

Get More Exercise

You can exercise for perfect sex’ unlike Spanish fly,  exercise has actually been said to increase sexual arousal in women and improve sexual performance in men.

Exercise normally decrease  the risk of being impotent or impotence in men ,  better erection and improved sexual function in young men and most older men

To know how exercise works  for a perfect sexual performance include:

  • It Increases blood flow
  • It Highers stamina and energy level
  • It Increases confidence
  • It Betters mood and lower stress levels
  • It Increases genital response


Truth be told it is dangerous it has been scraped and very difficult to find this days,  products bearing the name still exist , but they are ineffective or very dangerous to human

If you are desperate of enlargement of libido or sexual dysfunction contact your health care provider.