Swai fish to Eat or Avoid

Swai Fish

Swai fish is affordable and have a good and sweet taste, it has become available and popular over the years in the past couple of decades in the US . it is not far to say is originated and imported from vietnam  to US .this content is to decide whether to eat swai fish or to Avoid .

Where Do We Get Swai Fish From, What Is Swai Fish.

Swai fish is white moist fish that has a firm texture and nutural flavor . therefore , it easily takes on the flavour of other ingredients.

The US national oceanic and Atmospheric Administration swai ranks as the sixth most popular fish in the US. It is gotten from the mekong river in Asia. it is commonly fished in the vietnam fish farm.

This mekong river,  is one of the fresh water fish farming industries  worldwide. It is related specie called pangasiidaeand the scietific name for it is pangasius hypophthalmus.

Nutritional vamain

Eating fish is generally encouraged,  as it supplies lean protein and builds the body. The protein contained of swai is average among other normal fish ,  it add little fat.

Uncooked swai contains:

  • Calories: 71
  • Fat: 15 grams
  • Protein: 16grams
  • Omege-3fat: 12mg
  • Carbs: 0grams
  • Sodium: 351mg
  • Selenium :27% of the RDI
  • Cholesterol: 46grams

Swai nutritional value,  offering a decent Amount of protein but very little Omege-3fat. Its main vitamin and mineral contribution are selenium, niacin and vitamin B12.

The sodium in swai may be higher or lower than shown Above based on how much sodium tripolyphosphate,  additive to retain moisture,  is used during processing

It is an excellent source of seleniumand a good source of  niacin and vitamin B12. Swai Don’t have particularly healthy diet. They are typically fed rice bran,  soy,  canola and fish by products they soy and canola products are commonly genitically modified.

Find Your Diet

The Effect of Swai fish farms on the ecosystem in a major concern. The improper disposal of wastewater is especially concerning because swai fish farmsbuseba lot of chemical agents, including disinfectants, Anti- parasitic drugs and Antibotics .

Research found out that mercury levels in it that are above the world health organizations. Recommended limit in 50% of the sample tested.

The moneterey bay Aquarium’s seafood watch program advises avoiding swai because many chemical agents are used on the fish farms and can pollute nearby water.

When it and other fish are grown on crowded fishbfarm,  the risk ofbinfection disease in the fish increase. In research it is exported to some countries like poland, Germany and ukraine were contaminated with vibro bacteria,  a microbe commonly involved in shell fish food poisoning in people.

To combat bacteria infections,  they  are often regularly given Antibiotics and other drugs. Excess use of Antibiotics  increases the risk of bacteria resistancehave them ,  which could , inturn decrease the effectiveness of medicine in people.

If you like swai,  buy brands that have Eco-certification from an independent groups,  such as the aquaculture stewardship council. Don’t eat uncooked or raw of it. Alternative of swai fish please try to eat fish such as wild-caught US catfish , pacific cod, haddock , sole or flounder.


Lastly ,  eat a variety of different kind of fish rather than the same type all the time.this helps  to reduce the risk that may come from over exposure to potentially harmful, contaminant in one type of fish.